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Do you have Thoughts about the feminist implications of Turandot or the imperialist implications of Madama Butterfly? Want to see the Figaro operas placed more in historical context?

Alternately, do you think Lensky and Onegin were totally doing it? That Nicklausse and Hoffmann were an item? That Aida and Amneris had more issues than Radames!jealousy? Wonder who else Carmen or Cherubino or Hoffmann might have loved? How Marcello and Musetta first got together? If Tosca/Scarpia could ever work?

Zombie Buoso Donati???

Fanfic, fanart, and meta are all welcome. This is not the place to discuss singers or opera houses, except where a singer's interpretation of a character is relevant. This comm is slash-, het-, gen-, and crack-friendly.